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Water Leak Detectors – Melbourne

Water Leak Detectors is a fully licensed company that operates in Melbourne. The company uses advanced technology and state of the art equipment to detect water leaks in both residential and commercial buildings that most plumbers can’t detect. The company does not however fix the leaks. Therefore, it is not a plumbing company. The company has been committed for the past five years to solve a very common problem in many homes and business, and that has proven hard to tackle. And these are the much hidden and very complicated leaks that have cost businesses and homeowners a lot of money.

The company uses non-invasive techniques whereby a meter test is conducted to detect any if there are any leakages in your plumbing system. Their specialty and expertise enable them to trace the leakages underground as well as through concrete. It’s a company that offers professional help that has been blended well with the use advanced technology to offer you a solution to your water leakage problem at a very affordable and friendly price.

Why we are the best Leak Detectors?

  • Acoustic leak detection

We use very advanced sound sensors to determine the source of the water leak in your piping system even without digging into the ground. The sensors can detect the leak point through the noise from the pipes. The louder the noise, the closer the sensor is to the point of the leak. This method is very effective as it takes very little time to figure out where the leak is and without digging long trenches on the ground along the piping system.

  • Infrared leak detection

We use infrared imaging cameras to detect water leakages in areas like concrete or plastered walls and floors. The cameras work by detecting infrared radiation that is given out by objects and cannot be detected by the naked eye.

  • Tracer gas detection

Using very specialized equipment, very pure helium gas is released into the water piping system and finds its way out of the ground where the leak is. This is one of the ways the company uses to detect water leakages.

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Infra-Red Leak Detection
  • Detect house rain leaks on balconies, and the roof
  • 24/7 Service
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Home Water Leak Detection inspections
  • Tracer Leak Detections
  • Melbourne-Wide
  • Detect leaking showers, water meter testing and pipe locations

Water & Gas Leaks Detection

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