We all use natural gas at our homes for cooking and other purposes. Just like it is useful in many ways it can also prove dangerous sometimes. Natural gas is lighter than air, thus it spreads quickly. In the case of gas leakage, this can lead to an uncontrollable fire. It is necessary to report about gas leak so that it may not lead to a dangerous situation. Here is how to deal with the situation after the gas leak detection.

Who to call for a gas leak in your home

The first thing you should do is to contact gas leak and emergency services. So that they can locate the leak and repair it. If the problem is in the pipe connecting your appliance after meter, you need to contact a licensed gas fitter to solve the issue. Keep in mind that the person dealing with your gas leaking issue must be licensed appropriately.

If you feel gas leakage in your building:

  • Immediately switch off all pilot lights and other appliances.
  • Immediately turn off the main gas supply from the meter.
  • Open doors and windows so that gas may not accumulate in the building.

Some precautions

Here are some things you need to avoid if you feel gas leakage in your building.

  • For locating gas leakage in your building do not use any kind of ignition source or naked flame.
  • Near gas leak avoid operating any electrical appliance.
  • Avoid turning lights on or off near gas leakage.
  • Avoid smoking or use of cigarette lighter within the building.
  • Keep people away from the affected area or try to make building free from people.

Follow these suggestions

If you notice gas leakage in your building we would suggest you to

  • Check the front porch of our mailbox. It may have a notification card by the network operator. It will guide you on what should you do next in this situation.
  • If you cannot find any card in your building you can directly contact us on our helpline number 1800 898 220 anytime for information. You will be put in touch with the network operator and we will advise you what to do next.

What do we offer?

As gas leak detection services, we will identify and locate gas leak on your property. So immediately contact us if you feel gas leakage with our excellent gas leak detectors we will be there on time.

In case of any query feel free to contact us. We will provide you high-end gas leak detection services. It is your responsibility to take care of everything while gas installation in your business or home. A licensed gas fitter must be contacted if any gas work required. Otherwise, it may be dangerous not for the person you are inviting but also for you. Whether you stay or leave the building after feeling gas make sure to follow the above suggestions and precautions.