Most of the heat appliances at our home work on gas. Gas itself is a flammable substance and can catch fire very easily. So, it is important for us to get the gas-operated appliances checked on a regular basis if you happen to find any gas leak detection.

Many gas-operated appliances come with gas leak detection ways and manufacturer’s specifications. It is important to get them checked through the manufacturer’s recommended procedure.

If you want to have complete gas safety at your home, it is important to get your gas-operated appliances checked after every 2 years even if you don’t find any gas leak detection signs.

You need to have these appliances checked on a regular basis:

  • Space heaters
  • Gas water heaters
  • Gas central home heaters

Other than that, during your home’s gas leak detection inspection, your gas fitter might also check for the following things:
Blocked and clogged gas burners in the space heaters and the gas water heaters.
Blocked and rusty fans, airways, vents and air filters. The blockage in these places can lead to boiler problems and overheating. This can cause a fire easily.

Failing and worn out safety control buttons and systems.

Important Things to Consider

You must now allow an unqualified person to have a gas leak detection inspection of your home appliances. That person can damage your appliances and might even start a fire accidently. Moreover, do not try and repair the gas leakage problems in the appliances yourself. It is so dangerous and a life-risking task.

All the gas leak detection checks at your home must be carried out by a professional and trained gas fitter or a professionally trained factory technician. They have a special way to monitor the carbon monoxide spillage and they can detect a gas leakage quickly than an unqualified person.
For gas safety, tips and instruction, you can also take help from internet and search for the best gas fitters in your locality as well.

Helpful Tips to Remember

  • It is a good practice to record the appliance service date and to keep up with the manufacturer’s service plan in order to avoid any kind of gas spillage.
  • Firstly, ask your gas fitter for a Compliance certificate before letting him work at your home.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with the peculiar smell of gas. Most of the people fail to sniff the pungent gas smell and end up in trouble.
  • Gas safety depends on multiple things. Out of them, user care is the most important.

Bushfire Safety

If you are in a situation where there’s a bushfire, try to turn off your gas valve naturally if you are able to do it safely. The valve is usually present inside the meter.
Also, try to keep all the flammable substances away from that area and leave the premises as soon as possible. You should know the special instruction to turn off the gas valve safely in emergency situations.

Gas Leak

If you ever smell gas in someone’s home or outside, in the streets, you must call the gas fitter and gas leak detection inspector right away.
Alternatively, give a call to a licensed gas fitter if the smell is coming from any duct, vent, appliance, meter outlets, pipe and etc.

Gas Leaks Inside

If you happen to smell gas inside a building, do these following things:

  • Switch off all the pilot lights and appliances.
  • Turn off the main gas supply carefully.
  • Open the windows and doors for ventilation.
  • Contact a licensed gas fitter immediately.

Most Importantly

  • Do not look for a gas leakage with a naked flame or any ignition source.
  • Do not operate electrical appliance where there is gas leakage.