How to read your gas billThe rise of energy cost in Australia has led many people to take their energy usage in control. If you’re thinking the same, now is the right time to keep track of energy use at your place. When most of your home appliances use gas and you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your gas bills, it is recommended to have a gas leak detection service to have a closer look.

Read Your Gas Bill

If you’re having trouble reading your gas bill, you’ve landed on the right page. Even the smallest change in gas bills can affect commercial and residential entities greatly. Recently, the government has changed how they display GST and other additional costs on your bill.

Though the changes are made to display total gas charges clearly, some people are still finding it difficult to understand. From July 1st, 2019, your Gas bill also includes the GST charges. Previously, the amount shown on the bill was GST-exclusive but now the GST is displayed separately on the bill.

Keep following we’ll discuss each section of the gas bill for better understanding:
It is the address of the property where the gas is supplied.
Account Information
This field includes the several details of your account including tax invoice, account number, and the issue date of the bill.
Billing Period
The period for which the bill is sent to your place.
The Due Amount & Date
The due date refers to the last date when you need to pay your bill. The due amount is how much you have to pay for your gas consumption. The amount due may look different due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t owe the gas billing company anything
  • Your account is overdue and you have amount pending for more than one month
  • You’ve subscribed for a payment plan and your bill is paid directly each month

Usage Summary
Your usage summary includes:

  • The average cost per day
  • Average daily usage
  • Same time last year
  • Total bill
  • Saved with Greenpower

Your gas usage is customized per the unit of measure used in your state i.e. MJ or kWh.
Energy Plan
It includes a brief detail of the energy plan allotted to you, its ending date, and any discounts (if available).
How to Pay
As the name suggests, this field lists different ways you can pay your gas bill. The payment method includes:

  • Direct Debit
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Internet Banking
  • Mail – sending check with the bill
  • In-Person

Account Summary
A summary of your current past payments and gas usage. It includes previous activity, new charges, solar contribution, the total amount due, and GST.
Payment Received
Information about your last bill i.e. what you paid, how you paid, and when you paid.
Total Gas Charges

Details of your usage cost, supply address, and more. You’ll find the following information in the Total Electricity Charges

  • Your meter number
  • Last and next scheduled date for taking a reading
  • If your last meter reading was estimated or actual
  • Billing period per number of days
  • The pricing structure for which you are billed

You’ll also find the total energy you used during the billing period and how much did it cost. It isn’t that difficult, is it?

Need to Get in Touch

Lists contact information to file complaints regarding your meter readings, billing method, or incorrect charges.