The water supply system in the home is quite complex. It contains many elements. One of them are water taps, the types of which are diverse. They can serve in the system as a stop valve, to regulate the water pressure. But the most famous function of the tap is water intake. It is the faucet that mediates between the utilities and the release of their contents to the consumer. There are many types of water taps. Each is designed to perform its tasks in specific conditions. How to choose the right type of tap for the water supply should be understood before buying. In this will help to study the purpose of each of them.

Purpose of taps

In autonomous, local or central water supply networks, equipment is used that performs certain functions. It can serve as a regulating or shut-off valve. The most commonly used element for such purposes are water taps. Types of these products are designed to perform various tasks. They regulate the pressure and its flow capacity by changing the flow area of the pipe.Types of water taps

There are types of water taps, which with the help of a ball mechanism perform only the opening or closing of the flow. Other devices allow adjustment. They smoothly reduce the pressure. These types of water taps are more commonly used for the home.

Where to use taps

Regulating and shut-off types of water taps are used at the inlets of main pipes in the system, in the places of its branching, in the required rooms, as well as before and after various plumbing equipment. For example, it may be metering devices, pumps or water intake points.

This allows you to cut them off from the flow. Ball varieties of water valves will allow you to disconnect a particular node and in case of need to carry out its repair, replacement, or just a routine inspection and revision. If you consider the fact that pumps, meters, and faucets (which also belong to the types of water taps) sometimes break down or turn in for calibration, this mechanism to control the flow in the pipes sooner or later will be needed.

The faucets themselves are installed at the points of water intake and also come in different configurations, type of device.

Classification by purpose

All types of water taps can be divided according to the principle of their purpose. There are 3 large groups.

  • products for domestic needs, which are known to everyone as mixing and valve types of water taps (photo presented next).
  • equipment for household needs. These are ball or valve faucets, which are installed on the end of the pipe to draw water, carry out irrigation, etc.
  • products for the needs of the plumbing system, which are arranged in it. Most often have a socket design and very rarely are ball devices.

For household needs, it is important not only to control the head of the flow, but also its temperature. Therefore, for such purposes, faucets are used. They also come in a variety of designs.

Types of water taps

Household taps are arranged simpler. They do not need to control the temperature of the water. They simply regulate the pressure. Socket taps, on the other hand, only work in the on and off position. They don’t regulate the pressure, they just turn the water on or off.

Types of Design

There are four types of valve designs. They come in worm, ball, ceramic valve beads or ceramic lever cartridges.

Worm-type water faucet designs are hardly used anymore. Their design is unreliable, requiring constant replacement of rubber gaskets.

The design of ball valves has a plug with an axial slit inside. It fits tightly to the seat. The plug is shaped like a ball, hence the name. It has a spindle attached to it that rotates the mechanism with the slit toward the channel opening or in the opposite direction.

In ceramic mechanisms, it is not the ball-shaped part that moves, but one plate in relation to the other. However, ceramic beads and cartridges are sensitive to water quality, so a filter is placed at the inlet in such devices.

There are many materials from which products can be made. Water taps are found in types such as metal or plastic. In the first case, copper, brass, alloy steel or cast iron are used to make the equipment.

For cold and hot systems, similar water taps are suitable. Types of plastic are used only for cold flow.

Cast-iron devices are quite durable, but quite massive. If a suspended sink is used in the kitchen, it may not be able to withstand such a powerful “beastly” fittings. Therefore, today, instead of the presented type of material, they began to use alloy steel.

Popular sizes and types

Depending on the purpose, there are different types of water taps. Types, sizes and other parameters are determined by a special ratio. The diameter of the cross-section of plumbing utilities affects the dimensions and equipment.

The minimum size of pipes for water supply is 1/2 inch. For domestic needs this is enough. Sometimes use communications with a cross-section of 3 / 4 inches. However, for the main lines there are pipes up to 12 inches in diameter.

As for the most popular varieties of faucets, they should include single-valve, two-valve, mixer with a thermostat, as well as a single-lever ball type.

For the sink, washbasin, bathtub or bidet is used its own type of device. Their principle of operation is similar, but there are a number of characteristic differences. To understand the variety of products presented by manufacturers, you should consider each of them.

Single-valve faucet

One-valve types of water taps have a structure with a mono-control. Such products are designed to supply only cold or only hot water. They are most often installed over a sink or kitchen sink. They are very popular in places of public catering. Such a faucet is easy to install and has a lot of options. The design is able to rotate.

Different materials and design of the locking mechanism are used for their manufacture.

The cheaper the cost of the presented tap, the less its service life. This is due to the manufacturer’s use of cheap, but less durable materials and designs. Therefore, not wanting to change the faucet again after a few months, you should give preference to a more expensive, but high-quality device.

Two-valve faucet

Two-valve faucet
Optimal for the bathroom or kitchen are considered two-valve water taps. Types (photos are presented in the review) of configurations will allow you to install such a tap in a room with any type of interior.

One will give the opportunity to mix hot and cold water, control the temperature of the flow.

The cartridges are controlled by opening or closing two valves. Water is derived through the spout, in which the aerator is installed. This detail prevents leak of water and additionally filters the water from large inclusions. For the bathroom, use varieties that have as part of the shower. The flow to it switches a special lever. These are the most popular types of water taps for the home. But also in public places in the bathrooms they can be found quite often.

Single-lever ball valve

Single lever ball valve
Another sought-after variety of control and shut-off valves is the mono-operated ball valve. Types of water valvesIn appearance it is similar to the single-lever type. But its principle is different. Unlike the variant discussed above, the ball type of device can mix cold and hot water with its mechanism.

The water opens when you lift the lever up. It mixes in a ball plane and flows to the consumer. The variety of design allows you to fit harmoniously into the interior of the water taps. Ball single-lever types have a spherical shut-off element.

The device consists of a body with holes for connection, a lever to control the head and its temperature, an aerator, seals and ball mechanism. Depending on the strength of the head in the house, you should choose the type of faucet. It can have different flow rates.