We have many years of practical experience in the diagnosis of water mains. Our specialists regularly use correlation and acoustic leak detectors, trace detectors, thermal imagers and other modern equipment for locating hidden leaks. We are used to working and finding leaks under difficult conditions and are responsible for the accuracy of the results obtained.

If your organisation is a water customer you know the cost of every hidden leak. But how can you reduce water consumption and save money without finding these leaks? By using advanced acoustic and vibration technology, it is possible to “hear” leaks, pinpoint their exact location and even assess the technical condition of the pipe without digging into the ground. Welcome to the experts on locating hidden water leaks!

We carry out the following types of work

  • Locating underground pipelines and determining their depth
  • Buried cable tracing and depth location;
  • Search for manhole covers, valves, hydrants under asphalt or in the ground
  • Diagnosis of water supply pipelines and search for water leaks;

Our water leak detection specialists know exactly how to find. We are experienced in finding leaks in water pipes and heating networks. We use the most modern diagnostic equipment and instruments which have proven their worth in all conditions. In particular, we use modern correlation leakage detectors including sensors-hydrophones thanks to which it is possible to detect even the “quietest” leaks in plastic pipes or in mains pipelines with a diameter of 500 mm and more. Leak location is a relatively complex process. Many leaks can only be identified using an integrated approach to leak detection that incorporates acoustic, correlation, thermal and other methods of leak detection.

What is a water leak?

In the field of water and wastewater as well as heat supply, the words “leaks” and “leakage” describe the loss of water in pipes, which causes financial losses. Leakage means an unintentional end-to-end defect in the wall or connections of a pipeline that has to transport water to the consumer. The main tasks of leak detection are to detect and locate leaks in sealed pipeline systems. In most cases, non-destructive methods are used for leak detection work.

Leaks occur in all water distribution networks and the volume of leaks varies widely from region to region. It is important to understand the distinction between total water loss (sometimes called ‘unaccounted flow’) and leakage. Total water loss is the difference between the amount of water dispensed to the customer and the amount billed for water consumption. Leakage is one component of the total loss of water in the network and refers to the physical loss of water in pipes, valves and fittings as well as losses from overflowing tanks. These losses can be quite severe as they may go undetected for months or even years. Larger leaks usually occur from burst pipes or sudden rupture of flanged connections whereas smaller leaks occur from small defects in connections, fittings, bends or through corrosion of the pipe wall.

Current methods of detecting water leakage

When it comes to the inspection of heating and plumbing networks, we work with the most modern and well-tested leak location methods, the combination of which ensures a successful outcome. Techniques of water pipe leakage check-up developed in the recent years by leading international organisations: mechanical rods noise listening with electronic acoustic leakage detectors and ground microphones; correlation method of leakage detection with electronic correlator; hydroacoustic method (requires some intervention into the water pipe structure) and non-contact thermal method using infrared thermo-information.

Equipment and experience

Our company has all the necessary equipment for the diagnosis of pipelines and shut-off valves. The leak test is carried out by water leak specialists who have extensive experience in this type of work. We work with organisations and private clients. Our specialists’ qualifications are confirmed by certificates and diplomas of the above mentioned companies.

We can help you not only to find leaks but also to reduce unaccounted and irrational water consumption, to understand the scope and priority of repair works, to save your finances and peace of mind.