You’ve searched everywhere but still unable to find a gas or water leaks in your kitchen or basement. What could be the solution? Well, if you are unable to find leaks near kitchen, basement, or your water supply, there are greater chances you need to hire professionals leak detection services.

Concrete slab leak detection service

Obviously slab leak detection isn’t a DIY job. You must hire a professional to do hefty tasks for you.
We provide:

  • Free quotes online or over the phone
  • Emergency leak detection services
  • Affordable and considerable prices

Under Concrete Leak Detection Services

Under concrete leak detection requires a lot of experience and high-grade equipment. It isn’t as simple as normal leak detection. Therefore, if you are unable to find any gas or water leaks in your house, make sure to contact a qualified leak detection company to get the job done.

Water Leak Detection and Repair in Concrete

Water leaks are hard to come by. But once they do, they can ruin your daily routine in a moment. If you have water coming from your kitchen slab of concrete, now is the right time to hire a slab leak detection.
Fortunately, we have a large contacts of skilled and qualified plumbers to get the job done – even during weekends. Our experts have years of experience and have a great track record of finding undetectable leaks.
The advanced technology used by experienced leak detectors makes it even easier to find the location of the leak, address the issue and solve it in a timely manner.

Under Slab Leaks Problems

If you feel that kitchen slabs at your place are leaking, note that this leak job can’t be postponed until weekend. It’s not like you can just put a bucket under the leakage and will contact a plumber of weekend.
Leakages under slab can greatly affect the floor and defect your under-slab appliances or wiring. There can be several reasons of an under-slab leakage. It can either be due to rusting or aged pipelines. Some other reasons include incorrect use of pipeline connectors, low quality sewerage pipes, and more.
Leaving your slab leaks as it as can lead to severe flooding problems, overdue bills, as well as compromised structural safety.

In case of further questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly give you a reasonable quote over phone.