infra red water leak detection

If you are concerned about the presence of leaks in your home or business, it is important that you research the matter further. You may have a minor leak buried deep in your walls that is difficult to detect, or you may have a larger leak in your foundation or in the ground outside your home. While one way to detect the leaks you are concerned about is to physically view them by tearing down walls, digging holes or taking other steps, another option is to put the services of Leak Detection Melbourne to work for you. We offer infra-red leak detection Melbourne services that are far superior to other detection methods available.

Infra Red Water Leak Detection Services

Infra-red leak detection uses advanced technology to determine if there is a leak and to accurately pinpoint its location. The severity of the leak can also be determined. This information is vital for determining the best repair method, and it can also hasten the repair process and minimize damage to the property. The infra-red leak detection service available from Water Leak Detection Services in Melbourne is available 24-hours a day, and you simply have to contact the office to request an appointment with our experienced team. We provide service throughout the Melbourne area, and we can travel to your property without delay to give you an up-front estimate for our services to begin the process.

Water leaks can develop from an extensive range of events, and this includes settlement or movement of the ground or foundation, freezing weather conditions, weakened pipes and other factors. You may suspect that you have a leak when your water bill is higher than normal, when the ground or floor is wet for no explained reason or when other signs are present. At the first sign of a leak, contact Leak Detection Melbourne for advanced leak detection service.

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