Water leakages can turn out to be a real fiasco and a tragedy for your pocket if not fixed at the right time. Many times the leakages in the household are temporarily taken care of. However, the ideal, as well as the wise approach, is to hire a professional company for detecting the water seepage in your kitchen, washroom or anywhere else in the household. There are few advanced techniques that are generally used to detect and resolve the leakage issues, some of them are:

Tracer Gas and Water leak Detection

To identify the leakage in the plumbing, tracer gas is used. It is a nontoxic combination of hydrogen and nitrogen. If you are doubting a leakage in the pipes, these gases can flow in the pipes. This gas will withdraw from the point of seepage. Once this gas flows up to the surface, the leakage is eventually spotted through the gas detection probes.

The plantation of Video Camera

It is possible to inspect the leakage in the pipes by planting a video camera. If there is a massive leakage, this unique equipment can positively work out for you. Frequently, an infrared camera is positioned in the line wherever a leakage is suspected. Be it a toilet drain, kitchen sinks or even the roof vent.
Before the leakages become a huge problem to handle, these cameras easily sort out the matter of clogging, obstruction or seepage. Different companies such as “shower leak repair Melbourne” use such advanced technologies.

Efficient acoustics profiling

Another technique that has been proven as helpful in the detection of leaks anywhere in the plumbing or piping. This procedure basically revolves around the usage of pipe sensitive microphones. These microphones basically enhance the sounds of the leak. Precisely the leakages are found and fixed accordingly.

The unique “Hydrostatic” Pressure Test

As the name clearly suggests, this technique is basically a pressure test. This test is carried out upon the sanitary systems. As soon as this test is done, the leakage in the underground pumping can be quickly found out. An inflatable test ball into a structure’s. It is then inflated and obstructs the main sewer line. The plumbing system is then filled with water up to its slab level. After a thorough observation of 20 minutes, it becomes evident if there is a leakage.

Correlation techniques

In the correlation techniques, the correlators are used, these in turn two identical sensors. The leaking area is detected and fixed.
Similarly, thermal imaging, noise loggers and slab leak detection methods are the latest techniques that are used to identify the water leakages. These unique methods not only save a lot of money but also precisely locate the leakage thereby saving you a lot of hassle.

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