We offer Underground gas leak detection for residential and commercial house owners. Our services extend all across South-East Melbourne. Gas leak might occur in every area of the house or place where gas pipes are kept. Our advance detectors give you the very best chance to find the source of the gas leak. We will provide the best advice how to fix the leak.

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Gas leak might cost you a lot of money if you don’t take timely steps. If a gas leak is detected in an open area, the problem can be solved fairly quickly. An underground gas leak that happened on the route outside the house is very challenging job. And in this case, you need to know how to find gas consumption, lower pressure in the network and a noticeable reduction in its consumption. Calling gas leak detector is the best option that house owners should consider. It will significantly reduce the loss of time and finances. Moreover, it is important not only to detect, but also to remove the consequences of a breakthrough.

The Danger of underground gas leaks

Modern pipes are more advance compare to the old, metal plumbing systems are considered quite reliable. However, even they are not perfect: a breakdown can occur, as too many factors affect the longevity of transition, and the life of any product sooner or later comes to an end. The real problem is that an old gas pipe without leak detection system might leak underground for years. It is risky to touch it with bare hands. The reason is that in some cases, gas leaks occur due to low pressure and leak; in such situations, you must find low pressure in the gas pipe quickly. If you fail to do so, you will burn yourself or cause damage to the air compressor and gas supply appliances.

Alarming signs of underground gas leaks

Alarming signs might be a change of gas bill or drop in pressure in the plumbing, even a slight one – you can start to suspect an underground gas leak. If you don’t pay attention to a possible problem, over time a small hole will enlarge, and a small leak will become a big source of trouble. If you feel the gas smell coming from your backyard, underground pipes might be leaking.

Modern technology gives you a chance to quickly detect underground leak and repair the leak. Please get in touch with us if you suspect underground gas leak detection around you property.