• Are you facing a water leakage problem in your home or building?
  • Have you noticed a loss of pressure in your water pipes?
  • Have you seen the water seeping from the ground of your property?
  • Have you noticed some cracks on your property both internal and external?

If you are saying yes, then make a call to us! We are a well-known Underground water leak detector company. We are a team of highly-experienced technicians who specialize in underground water leak detection and can also provide you 24/7 emergency services. We use advanced equipment for detecting several types of underground water pipe leak issues. We have special training in water loss from under the ground or above the ground.

These days, a water leakage problem has become very common. It can not only destroy your property but can also bring damage to your neighbor’s property in some cases. If you are experiencing such a problem, then contact us as we are just a call away. We are truly experts in analyzing the leakage issues. We can not only find and locate the leaks on a water network but can also pinpoint the problem in the areas that are hard to reach.

If you suspect that your property is having a water leak problem but you are not sure where to start, then do not hesitate to contact us. Meanwhile, you can also take a test of your water supply systems by turning them off. Take a reading from your water meter and note down. Then, wait for 15 minutes and take a meter reading again. If it has changed, then you surely have a water leak issue in your building.

Underground water leak detection Melbourne

Underground Water Leak Detection

Our water leak detectors use some special tools for detecting underground pipe leak. The methods for detecting water leakage depends on various factors. These include the depth of the water pipe as well as the location of the leakage. Our leak detection experts pay attention to the potential leak sound by using an electronic listening stick. This stick helps in amplifying the noise of the water that runs through the pipes.
For detecting the leakage problem in balconies, we use infrared cameras and methods of thermal imaging. Our experienced team uses various underground water leak detector including a digital location receiver, an electromagnetic sensor, an acoustic sensor, an inductive antenna, and transmitter. Sometimes, an inert gas is also inserted into the pipes at a low pressure using a tracer gas detection technique. This technique uses a tracer gas which is a combination of 95 percent nitrogen and 5 percent hydrogen. After injecting the gas, a sensor is also used to detect the leak.

Underground water pipe leak detection

Our Underground water pipe leak detection services are your secret weapon. Crafted from years of expertise, we harness cutting-edge technology to illuminate the clandestine world beneath your feet. Our technicians are trained in advanced detection methods, uncovering leaks hidden deep within your property’s underbelly. We become your eyes and ears, locating and identifying leaks even within the most unreachable pipes.

Don’t let old pipes dictate your property’s destiny. Our dedicated team comprehend the nuances of various pipe systems, regardless of their age or type. Whether your pipes are ensconced beneath concrete slabs or nestled beneath your garden, we bring hidden leaks to light with minimal disruption to your sanctuary.

But we go beyond just finding Underground water pipe leaks. Our company provides a comprehensive service, encompassing detailed reporting that outlines the exact issue, its potential causes, and the optimal solutions. No more uncertainty about the state of your pipes or what action you need to take – we provide clarity and peace of mind.

Embrace the power of underground water pipe leak detection services. We fuse expertise, top-tier technology, and unwavering commitment to safeguard your property. Whether confronting an old, rusty pipe or a new, shiny conduit, timely and accurate leak detection is the key to maintaining the health of your water supply and protecting your investment.

Detecting and Locating Underground Water Leak

With a strong commitment to research and development, our water leak detection experts can pinpoint the exact location of water leakage by using CCTV drain inspections. So, if you have come to know that you have a leak on your property, then do not wait anymore. It is time to book our underground water leak detection services!

We all provide service for underground gas leak detection for commercial and private property owners.

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