Water Leak Under The House

Water Leak Under The House Detection Services

There is nothing worse for a homeowner than discovering that they have a water leak under their house. Homeowners will usually start noticing moisture issues within their homes, such as excess condensation on the windows or the onset of mold growth. Once these issues start being noticed, it is usually at this point that the homeowner will discover that they have a months or even years old water leak under their home, usually one that is caused by a broken pipe under the house. It’s at this point that the realization sets in that major home damage may have already occurred.

Detecting The Leak

Finding a water leak under a house is not as simple as one might think. After all, you can’t just go underneath the home and start digging around looking for it, as it must be done much more meticulously.

One of the most common methods that advanced plumbers use to detect pipes leaks is the use of CCTV drain cameras. These small cameras are run down the length of a suspect pipe, giving the plumber a detailed look inside of the water channel. From there it is quite easy for a trained eye to spot any cracks, faulty plumbing joints, pipe breaks, and other damage.

Another common water leak under house detection strategy used by plumbers it referred to as a drain pressure test. By accurately gauging water pressure differences throughout different areas of a home’s plumbing, a leak can usually be found any time that the pressure is quite low in a specific area.

Fixing The Broken Pipe

Now that the water leak under house Melbourne has been identified, it is time to pursue one of two common fix options, both of which depend on the type, severity, and position of the leak. We have outlined the two main fixes that plumbers often use, so please continue reading below.

One of the most commonly used pipe fix options is called pipe patching. Pipe patching involves using clay, adhesive plastic, adhesive steel, and other state of the art products to securely patch a hole, crack, or leaky pipe joint.

Pipe relining is another often used leaky pipe fix. This process involves pouring a highly refined adhesive into a pipe. This adhesive creates a new pipe lining, which is nearly the same as creating a new pipe altogether. Pipe relining is known to cure pipe leaks and restore old pipes to working order for years or even decades more to come.
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