Hydronic heating, also referred to as radiant heating is a popular, energy-efficient home heating system especially for the families that want room-to-room flexible control in their heating zones with a minimum environmental impact ,by making smart green building choices.

How hydronic heating works

Basically, what happens is that the hot water or any other alternate heating liquid (glycol or mineral oil) is circulated throughout the house through long plastic piping loops. mostly, these tubes are installed within the concrete walls so as to provide the house with evenly radiating heat across the entire floor surface
So, when the heating system is installed, the liquid heats in an energy-efficient boiler and then passed on to the plumbing manifold system, which acts as a control center by directing the required temperature of water to the different rooms of your house.
This system allows for flexible temperature customization through an environmentally friendly approach with an incredible level of energy efficiency.

Find a good hydronic heating specialist

The hydronic heating system basically consists of

  • Pumps
  • Primary equipment like boilers
  • Piping
  • Fittings
  • Coils and control valves, all according to the housing requirement

The selection of all this equipment as well as its installation is all handled by the specialist. It is hard to find a good specialist for the selection and installation of a reliable, budget-friendly heating system that is most suited to your needs and is most compatible with the design and need of the house.
Any kind of unprofessional approach during the selection of the piping and the overall system can lead to some issues among which, damage to the house and the money loss.

  • Water or Gas pipe leaks: if the installation is not right or the system is not compatible with the overall building of the house, it can lead to Gas or Water leaks and if not treated on time, can lead to severe damage to the floors, ceilings of the house or huge bills.
  • Air lock: sometimes, the use of a compromised boiler can cause the pressurization of the system, causing the formation of air bubbles in the pipes leading to air locks.

These are some of the few technical issues that can occur from time to time, but the frequency of their occurrence depends on the type of material and technique used which is directly controlled by the hydronic system specialist. That is why it is important to choose a good specialist.

Why choose hydronic over ducted heating methods

Hydronic heating is a wise choice as

  • It is energy efficient because it leads to energy savings of 20% or sometimes more
  • It is reliable as the equipment is designed for years of service life and they require very little maintenance
  • It is a cleaner option because it provides dust and allergen-free heating
  • It is a safer option as all the equipment is approved by the concerned authority and heating units are only warm to touch
  • They are quieter and environmentally friendly choice as all of the system is built within the walls and floors also leading to a maximum living space
  • This system is versatile and customizable according to the user’s needs
  • Most importantly, it provides a more comfortable experience than most of the other systems

But you do not have to worry about finding a good hydronic heating specialist. here is a list of the best hydronic heating specialists you can find in Melbourne.

1. Foster Hydronic Heating

Website: https://www.hydronic.com.au/
With more than 50 years of experience in the hydronic industry, Foster Heating is the oldest and the most reliable hydronic heating company in Melbourne. They claim to have the best and the most experienced specialists and technicians. Unlike most other companies, they have their own in-house technicians. they take pride in their product and their services and give a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years.

2. All Climate Solutions

Website: https://www.allclimatesolutions.net.au/heating/hydronic-heating
Unlike most of their competitors, they do not use contractors. They claim to only install products from leading, reliable brands. Along with their installation services, they also provide professional on-site consultation. Their pricing is competitive and they also provide online services like getting free quotations etc.

3. Dpp Hydronic Heating

Website: https://dpphydronics.com.au/
Dpp hydronic heating is leading the industry with its innovative products. They claim to provide the best customer service there is. they seek out brands from all around the world which have similar values to their own. They provide the best installation of some of the most reliable heating systems, that too, at a very reasonable price.

4. Ascot Hydronic Heating

Website: https://ascothydronicheating.com.au/
With an experience of more than 30 years in the heating industry, ascot heating excels in the installation of some of the best heating systems out there. As the members of the Victorian Building Association, they are fully licensed in mechanical plumbing and all other aspects of HVAC. They offer 6 years of workmanship warranty with the best customer service.

5. Melbourne Hydronic Heating

Website: https://www.melbournehydronic.com.au/
Melbourne Hydronic Heating specializes in this field for more than 30 years now and they claim to have the best design, supply, and installation services in Melbourne. Not only they provide with a smooth service ,but also make sure that every customer has the perfect hydronic heating system specifically according to their individual needs

6. Hydrotherm Hydronic Heating

Website: https://hydrothermhydronic.com.au/
It is one of Melbourne’s leading companies in hydronic heating, hydronic heating supplies and slab heating equipment. They custom design every system according to the user’s needs. They take pride in the in-house installation of their systems by their specialist hydronic technician.

7. Nissl Eichert Heating

Website: https://www.nissleicherthydronicheating.com.au/
It is one of Melbourne’s oldest and most experienced hydronic heating company. They have been working in this industry for over 3 decades now. They are one of the main suppliers of Bosch and other high-quality hydronic heating brands. They also offer in-house installation by the expert technicians. They offer a 12-year workmanship warranty, which is double what most of the other companies offer

8. Hunt Heating

Website: https://www.huntheat.com.au/
They provide customized heating system installed by their best in-house technicians. They boast an unmatched range of premium European brands. They take pride in their flawless customer service.

Hydronic heating is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems out there. A reliable system with proper installation can last up to more than 10 carefree years. It is an investment, when done right, can be very profitable. but to minimize the chances of error, it is necessary to opt for the most reliable and experienced heating company. one wise decision can lead to very fruitful results.